SharePoint & Lynch Interactive
Jeff Lynch — 3/2/2015


Many IT companies move people to Office 365 and are not very familiar with the power of SharePoint.  They often explain it as the same as the old shared drive on the office server, when in reality its capabilities are far beyond that.

We develop those solutions that help companies large and small take advantage of the full range of capabilities SharePoint offers.  We frequently work with a 3rd party software company that provides pre-configured modules for a variety of deployments including CRM, Project, HR, Customer Service, department portals, Training, Facilities, IT and a few others.  They also have a portal designed for cities to take in citizen requests, and route them to the appropriate people, track the issue and auto reply to the citizen when it’s completed. 

Most of the modules also follow that process of request, track, process, update…  HR has some great features as well that include compliance acknowledgements on company manuals and onboarding processes.

The other big thing is integrating SharePoint with other legacy and web based systems.  Again utilizing 3rd party software we integrate data to and from SharePoint with other sources.  So for example  we have a job board on a website, we are integrating it so that when a job is created in SharePoint it posts to the web, and when a person fills in the application on the web, it goes back to SharePoint to have the managers process it, and finally when the person gets hired another email goes out, they go to the public site to complete hiring paperwork and that all goes back into SharePoint for the HR department to process.  That’s just one example of how we are integrating SharePoint with external programs and websites.

Finally we are  finding new ways to customize the look and feel of SharePoint to make it more engaging and help increase adoption among users.

It is a great time to get going with SharePoint, and Microsoft Office 365 includes it as part of your subscription, give us a call and we'll show you how your company can start taking advantage of SharePoint today!.


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