About Lynch Interactive

Lynch Interactive is a Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Partner that specializes in SharePoint and Businss application consulting and development.  We also build and manage websites in the e-commerce space and custom business applications. We integrate Technology with Marketing and Design to deliver business solutions that get results for our clients.

As a a Microsoft Cloud Partner we work with our clients to leverage emerging technologies and programs to solve business objectives.  The introduction of Office 365 and the inclusion of SharePoint as a part of that package presents tremendous opportunities for small and medium sized businesses to take advantage of a platform that in the past was only available to larger companies with large IT budgets.

The application of technology is always driven by a strong business need. We work with our clients to identify those areas that can be addressed by technology, or a website, and then define specific functionality that we will need to facilitate that business process.

At the end of the day functionality means nothing if no one sees it or uses it. Design becomes critical at this point because people still form opinions based on how your website looks. This includes adoption strategies for new company Intranet services.  

The team at Lynch Interactive is made up of top level professionals in the areas of Office 365, data management, SharePoint, .net programming, and web design.

Our philosophy is to be a productive resource for our clients in all things web and cloud business applications related!