Why Go To The Cloud & Office 365
Jeff Lynch — 3/31/2015

The Cloud & Office 365

The cloud sounds so ominous, but its really not that complex at all.  Basicaly speaking it's a bunch of very robust servers that you can access from anywhere there in Internet access. That image of a centralized computing center and remote workstations also brings to mind images of secuity breaches and doomsday scenarios.   Fear not, the security is very well defined and the distributed nature of the cloud make it highly unlikly any single event will cause an outage.  In fact you could argue that a catastrophic event that takes out data centers in multiple states at the same time would pretty much be the last of our worries at that point.

Microsoft provides corporate solutions to many medical and high security operations.  They are, out of the box, HIPAA compliant.   This means that even their smallest client enjoys the benefit of world class security.  The odds of a breach are far greater from a human error than they are a technical hack.  In addition, all emails are backed up on Exchange servers.

Micrsoft's Office 365 product is a subscription based email, desktop application and collaberation suite.  The pricing model is being adopted by many large software vendors and makes perfect sense.  Compare a traditional suite of Office products to the new Office 365 offering:

Out of the Box Office 2013 Office 365                   
Cost: $280-$400 Cost: $15 - $20/month
Number of PCs per license: 1 Number of PC's or other devices per license: 5
Upgrade to next version - NA Automatic Upgrades to the next version

 Now consider that Office 365 also includes up to 50 GB of email in the world class Exchange system, SharePoint, a TB of storage for personal use in OneDrive plus a few more features and you can easily see the cost advantage and expanded functionality that you get from the Office 365 Subscription.  

Migration is also an issue, "how do I move my 5 years of email over?".  There are manual steps and there are third party software packages that make this process painless and easy.  Ask us about our recommendations!


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