Data Management

Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of any business.  Even if you don't track statistics on sales or run endless reports, you still need data to keep your business running smooth.

One big complaint about the data we need is double data entry.  That's something that just shouldn't happen these days and we work hard to integrate systems so that the data flows in an automated process.  Once data is entered into the accounting system, why would you need to add it to a CRM system to keep track of sales.  How does the payroll system interface with the HR department, and does your point of sale software talk to your e-commerce solution?  These are all examples of how data needs to be accessible to more than one system in a modern company.

We also work with Layer 2, a software provider, that gives us the ability to take information out of SharePoint and utilize it in other applications or websites.  SharePoint is notorious for not being accessible at the raw data level, but not anymore.  A great example of this is to use a CRM system in SharePoint to manage opportunities that need to be listed on a website.  With legacy SharePoint that required extensive programming, now it's a simple data connection.

Let Lynch Interactive help you automate your processes to keep from ever doing double data entry again!

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