Office 365

Track, Collaborate, Organize, and Share

Office 365 is the cost effective way to quickly deploy Microsoft Office to all employees, keep it up to date always, so there is never another upgrade fee, and provide world class e-mail through the cloud based Exchange system. Of course this is just scratcing the surface of the benefits. Include 1 TB of personal storage on OneDrive, SharePoint, and a half dozen other applications, Office 365 has become the go-to corporate solution that is cost effective, robust, and reliable.

IT companies that traditionaly manage your in-house servers and work stations are promoting Office 365 as well as those with more web application experience. The perspective that each type of company brings is quite different, and when an IT company installs Office 365 they often look at SharePoint and OneDrive as simple file shares, when they are so much more. Using Lynch Interactive to deploy Office 365 gives you a starting point to do things right from the beginning, instead of rebuilding old systems with the same old issues.

Migration is another issue moving to Office 365 presents. We have relationships with software companies that automate the process and make it painless.  We also work to make sure no emails are lost, no contacts are lost and there is a comprehensive strategy in place before we make the move.

Lynch Interactive is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and can help you migrate and/or deploy Office 365 to your entire staff and start it off the right way.

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