SharePoint Consulting and Development

Track, Collaborate, Organize, and Share

SharePoint has evolved from a platform that required large hardware and software investments to a cloud based platform that is available as a part of Office 365.  This is significant for small and mid-sized businesses as they now have access to the same robust features that in the past required a much larger investment.

Lynch Interactive is working with clients every day to customize the SharePoint platform to meet the needs of each individual company.  Examples include things like:

  • Removing components that are not needed or used to present a clean and user friendly interface.
  • Building custom lists to help companies track specific activities.
  • Adding workflows to automate processes, notifications and other key business milestones.
  • Adding third party SharePoint Add-Ins that extend the functionality, including projects, customer service, HR, CRM and more.
  • Use third party data management tools to extract or update data from SharePoint and then utilize that data in other software applications like accounting, or in website content.

The key to a successful SharePoint engagement is to have a clear plan, develop functionality with a combination of out of the box features and third party tools and then present that to involved employees to maximize adoption.  

The final point is to always strive to have single points of data entry, and then utilize that data in all other applications that require it.  We have methods of extracting data and inserting it directly into SharePoint from emails, PDF forms or Web forms and also going the other way, the ability to extract data from SharePoint so that it can be utilized in other applications.

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