Website Consulting and Management

Website Consulting and Managment

Keeping up with technology is no simple task.Watching Superbowl commercials you get the impression building a website is as easy as pushing a button. That might be fine to put up your own personal page with a few pictures on it, but when it comes to running a business, and automating processes in an online environment it is a lot more complicated than pushing a button.  A modern website requires multiple disciplines including design, html/css coding, and programming in order to properly execute a business website.


The first important step is planning, both in terms of technical functionality and in terms of resource requirements.  Who in the company is going to operate the website, manage leads, fulfill orders.  What existing systems will be involved (accounting, CRM, POS) and how will those systems be updated?  These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered in the planning stage.

Lynch Interactive has built hundreds of websites for clients that range from complex e-commerce to online contracting and lead generation. We apply that knowledge to your development project to optimize results and minimize issues.

Project Managment

Once we have the plan and have developers someone needs to keep an eye on the process. Set up the timeline, milestones and clarify ambiguities in the functionality.  Many times this involves helping clarify the logic required to execute a specific functional element.  The development process is critical to keep on track.

Hiring the right firm for the job is another aspect of project managment that Lynch Interactive works with clients on;We can help review RFP responses or even put together our own freelance team to build the project ourselves.  Everything is possible, and our experience will insure we pick the best path for a successful project.

Training and Support

;Lynch Interactive works with clients to develop training materials specific to their web application and then is available to do that training with key employees.  We're also there after the deployement, to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, make modifications and upgrades and in general track the success of the proposed project.

Lynch Interactive has the experience you need to solve business issues with the latest technology and automation;</p>

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